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10 crazy things about India’s Bollywood fans: number 9 is absolutely out of this world

Bollywood is the Indian film Industry based in Mumbai.  It is the largest film industry in the world in film production.  The most popular genre of Bollywood films mixes drama, comedy, romance and action with musical numbers.  The music is catchy and people all over the world love to dance to it. The reason for the Industry’s success is mainly because of “The Bollywood Fan!”  They are hardcore loyalists who would do anything to make their love known to the stars. How do you identify them? Some of their characteristics are as follows:

#1.  The first thing they do in the morning (even before brushing!) is to turn on the TV and listen to their favorite songs.

#2.  The fan may not be able to make ends meet but will still watch their favorite film 26 times in a row at a local theatre and take great pride in the accomplishment!  If a film doesn’t reach their expectations, it disturbs their mental stability.

#3.   One bad word about a fan’s favorite star can lead to a heated argument and even physical violence!

#4.  Every star has millions of followers and the fan loves to know when they got up, when they slept, where they went for a vacation, who they’re seeing, whom they’ve broken up with; basically every single move!  Fans assert such ownership over the stars as they do with their spouse!

#5.  When a huge star Shahrukh Khan and his wife had a baby through surrogacy, people were more interested in it than their own biological children!

Photo from India Times

#6.  Another couple Saif Ali Khan and his star wife Kareena have a cute baby, Taimur and fans go bonkers over, “Taimur waved and said hi to me!”

#7.  When the 64 year old star, Rekha came back from Paris, fans were like, “Don’t ban Plastic!”  Plastic surgery does wonders! (Dudes, solid waste management is a huge issue, please understand the difference!)

Image result for rekha from paris
Rekha- 64???!!!  Doesn’t look like it!

#8.  When a young star, Sarah Ali Khan came out of the airport pushing the trolley with her suitcases, fans went crazy!  They were so overwhelmed to see that she could actually do it on her own! (Don’t all of us?!)

Image result for sara ali khan luggage
The down to earth star- Sara Ali Khan

#9.  Not many knew Nick Jonas but when Priyanka Chopra and Nick walked together at the Met Gala 2017, 1.3 billion people loved Nick overnight! 

#10.  What followed was a minute by minute follow up of their romance, their engagement, their wedding, their honeymoon and their life afterwards!  When Priyanka posted a cute picture of her sleeping on Nick’s shoulder while watching Super Bowl, the whole of India went crazy! Who took that picture in their bedroom?!!!  Thousands of tweets went back and forth trying to figure out the mysterious photographer! Finally, poor Priyanka had to clarify that it was a cousin who was staying with them that took the picture!  (Don’t all of us have cousins who occasionally visit ?!!!)   

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas- Met Gala 2017

Although stars are often overwhelmed by all this interference in their personal lives, they know that if it weren’t for the love of these die-hard fans, they wouldn’t be where they are.  It is hardcore love sometimes beyond the limits of sanity…

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