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5 Reasons why you should date an Igorot woman

Truth be told, I never wanted to write this piece.


A woman is impossible to define.

But after publishing 5 Reasons Why You Should Date an Igorot Man, I received tons of e-mails from women to write on the same topic – about them!

Mother’s Day (this article was originally written for Mother’s day) is just around the corner, so I took the courage to summarize, synthesize – and click publish.

So, let’s get the conversation started.

#1) Igorot ladies are practical in everything – study now, love later ‘kanu’!

Based on statistics, Igorots have very high literacy rate contrary to the perception of many uninformed individuals. (Cough! Cough!) Modern Igorots heavily invest in the education of their children. Occasionally, you will hear heroic stories of parents working in the fields rain or shine just to send their children to college. (This is supported by the fact that we have several world-class universities in Baguio and Benguet!)

So, don’t be surprised, if you meet a nice and pretty lady at SLU, BSU, Easter College or UC who is NBSB (Google that if you don’t know!) and will never show interest to your persistent date requests.

Guys, you need to understand her mind. Romance can always blossom in the future but for now – studies first. Even after getting a job, that doesn’t also guarantee that she will consider your proposal. Figure out how to pursue her!

BSU, benguet state university
Photo courtesy of Patrick Marrero Tapang Jr 

#2) Igorot ladies can carry as much weight as their husbands – she is very strong

This can be in understood in a literal sense because I have seen my mom ‘komboy’  (transport by carrying) piles of ‘repolyo’ (cabbage) from one mountain another before selling it to the market. They can put the American Superman to shame, indeed! So, don’t be surprised if her physique is as muscular as a body builder, that’s for her to wrestle boys when they go awry (aray!).


On a deeper level, Igorot married couples always work hand in hand – again literally. Even before the Westerners developed the concept of gender equality, Igorot women from centuries past had been sweating and breaking their backs working to put food on the table.

She can be what the book of Proverbs describes. ‘She sets about her work vigorously; her arms are strong for her tasks.’

#3) Igorot ladies are naturally pretty – yet they never focused on flaunting it!

Photo courtesy of Ms Jhevilyn Jacinto Mhalcino

I lived in the US, Korea and travelled a bit around the world. I can’t help but compare how the cosmetics industry has redefined the meaning of beauty. The Igorot women in Benguet, Baguio, Canada, New York up the rolling hills of Alabama know that their worth is not based on their appearance.  And even if they become Miss Universe, they will never flaunt or ever care much about it – yet they shine and bloom in season – just like the sabong ed Bahong (flowers at Bahong).

flowers of la trinidad

Sometimes, mere words cannot give shape to the beauty that is in a woman. The essence of an Igorot woman is the inner strength and humility that radiates from within.

#4) Igorot ladies love shopping too – and they buy original brands – unknowingly

If there’s a common denominator among women, I guess it’s the thing called shopping’. Correct me if I’m wrong, if you are an Igorot lady you own at least one shirt from ukay-ukay or designer shirts you bought under 100 pesos. Right?

Again, function before form. Substance over appearance.

5) For Igorot ladies, it’s always about the family – from the very start

badu diner cafe

And here’s the final punch.

My eyes perspire every time I think about my mom’s sacrifices raising us. At the dinner table, she is the last eat for she makes sure that everyone else had enough.


In all that I mentioned about the Igorot woman, my 5th point answers the whyWhy does she have to study well? Why is she so practical about everything? Why does she have to work from dawn to dusk?

For an Igorot lady, she knows that responsibility does not start when she gets married and have kids. Her whole life is not about herself but for the people important to her. She has a sense of mission. In fact, she wants not just a love story – but a love story that can change the world.

My great grandmother at ~93 (she’s now 105 years old) whose smile shines bright in the light of serving her family. A mother for all seasons indeed.


If you are a man, married to an Igorot lady – love her – outdo serving each other.

If you are man, considering to date or you are in a relationship with an Igorot lady – treasure and cherish her as your best friend and sister. Every borrowed moment you have with her is heaven on earth.

If you are reading this and you are an Igorot mom – Happy Mother’s Day (yes for us it’s basically every day, but to be honest this article was posted during Mother’s day).


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badu cake

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Featured image: Courtesy of Patrick Marrero Tapang Jr
Additional images: Courtesy of BADU Diner Cafe

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