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The Pacific Standard is a new and independent digital news organization committed to heralding the truth to our readers—delivering information that is relevant, resonant and useful to the Asian populace and those committed to knowing more about the region.

We are not backed by any ideological group, large corporation or nonprofit, but is a self-funded entity that aspires to sustain itself through readers’ support and patronage and very select content partnerships.

Our roster of correspondents are mandated to adhere to a strict code of ethics to ensure that their reports, reflections and rationalizations are bound by a commitment to strengthen trust with our foremost stakeholder: YOU— the reader, the men and women of the pacific and beyond whom we are committed to serve.

We aspire to deliver important news, opinion, inspirational pieces and more, primarily from and about Asia, and around the world. Information that will give you a more complete picture of the truth—sourced on the ground, verified and fact checked—in a continent that continues to make a lasting mark in our world today.

The Pacific Standard is committed to you – our readers.

Along with over 10 websites catering to various geographical segments, niche and media services, Pacific Standard is under the management of Pacific Media Asia. Some of Pacific Media‘s portfolio include: , , among others.