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BLACKPINK and BIGBANG Comeback Postponed By YG Entertainment + Fans Fire Back

Coachella - BLACKPINK

YG Entertainment, based on the most recent Naver news, has once again shelved the much-awaited return of the phenomenal girl group BLACKPINK, just the same as Big Bang’s return from their army service because of the Coronavirus pandemic protocol.

During the first quarter of 2020, Blackpink and Bigbang were initially expected to come back with having their fandoms BLINKS and VIP, both craving for their new songs and albums.

Yet sources indicate that YG has now postponed Blackpink’s come back up to the mid-second quarter, and the return date for Big Bang has also been postponed in the second half of the year.

That, unfortunately, leaves Blackpink be without any comeback or revival after spending almost a year since their hiatus from the spotlight.

Live performances, including Akdong Musician (8 times), Winner (3 times), and Sechskies (3 times) planned for the first quarter, have also been canceled due to slow revenues that are likely to persist until the first half of this year.

Big Bang’s Comeback has been expected by the stock market to impact YG Entertainment’s output this year. Around the time, Yuanta Securities estimated that the biggest operating income could be as high as 30 billion won, believing that Big Bang was carrying out activities only after their military service, which is not the situation now, causing significant losses to YG Entertainment.

Now Vips and Blinks will have to be patient while waiting for their idols to come back with a new song, tours, and hopefully a full-length album.

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