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Claudine Baretto hospitalized after alleged fight with sister Marjorie Baretto at their father’s wake

  • Claudine Barreto hospitalized after alleged altercation with older sister Marjorie Baretto
  • It was alleged that Marjorie attacked Claudine, a day after Gretchen visited the wake
  • During Gretchen’s visit, another altercation happened, this time with her and her niece

Manila, PHILIPPINES – Actress Caudine Baretto was hospitalized on Thursday night after she allegedly had a physical altercation with her sister, Marjorie Barretto, at their father Miguel’s wake. 

Claudine, the youngest of the Barretto siblings sustained an injury on her hand and complained of dizziness following the alleged confrontation with Marjorie, according to Ruby Baguhin, who brought the actress to the hospital. 

Baguhin, a staff member of Gretchen, another Barretto sibling, and accompanied Claudine at the wake at The Heritage Park in Taguig. She alleged that Claudine was attached by Marjorie. She also mentioned that young actress Julia Barretto, Marjorie’s daughter was also part of the confrontation. 

The supposed physical confrontation between the two sisters came a day after Gretchen’s visit to the wake that also resulted in another scuffle involving other Barretto relatives. 

In the long history of family disputes between the Barretto clan, Gretchen, who had long been estranged from her parents, sought to reconcile with her family, including her mother Inday.

According to her statement with ABS-CBN News, she referenced that her stay was pleasant ”until Marjorie had a nervous breakdown.” 

Claudine posted a cryptic message on Friday after her alleged fight with her sister. On Instagram, she posted the question: Are you proud of who you have become?”

In the caption, she continued to write: “I hope not.”


It all started during the visit of President Rodrigo Duterte, who counts actress Gretchen Barretto as a close supporter. 

According to reports, the President urged Gretchen and Marjorie to “shake hands, just for tonight,” out of respect for their deceased father. Reports detailed that Gretchen tried to oblige the request, saying that she was “the older one after all.” However, it was alleged that Marjorie refused and instead accused Gretchen of being “plastic, porke nandito ang President (just because the President is here).”

While the President was talking with some other members of the family, the sources said, a woman who was later identified as one of the Barretto grandchildren suddenly lunged at Gretchen, who, was in one corner talking to some friends. 

Reports say that while her friends prevented Gretchen to retaliate against her niece, she suddenly grabbed her niece by the hair and a scuffle ensured. Members of the Presidential Security Group had to break up the fight. 

And eyewitness said that the niece suffered a cut on her face. Meanwhile, Gretchen reportedly apologized to the President for what happened at her father’s wake. 

Asked how the President reacted to the events at the Barretto wake, one source said: “He was shocked. On the way (to the wake) he was briefed that not all is well with the Barretto family; but maybe he was not prepared to see such a display.”

She confirmed that President Rodrigo Duterte, who condoled with the family, “was asking Marjorie to shake my hand for the sake of respect of my father, but Marjorie was not happy that I was there to reunite with family.”

via Claudine Barreto/Instagram

Gretchen remains at odds with Marjorie, who is a former actress and a former councilor of Caloocan city. Their feud had only grown when recently they had another public spat over a controversy involving Marjorie’s daughter Julia. 

Claudine was also estranged in Gretchen’s life, but when they reconciled early this year, she had remained a constant presence in her big sister’s life. 

In April, the two were very vocal about their being left out of the wedding of Dani Barretto, one of the daughters of Marjorie. Claudine and Gretchen also criticized their niece for supposedly being ungrateful, after they helped raise her with Marjorie. -ABS CBN

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