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Cordilleran police trainees show what ‘serve and protect’ mean to quarantine violator

Benguet, PH – Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic putting the Philippines under government authorities to implement an enhanced community quarantine procedure (ECQ), two police trainees stationed in the town of La Trinidad, Benguet have exercised maximum tolerance with an effort to help a violator cuddling her 2-months-old baby.

In a viral video posted online, a young mother, 28 was with her child wandering through the street in Blue Ocean, Paco of the same town. She was approached by police trainees Pat Sumcad and Pat Palintino for not wearing face mask.

In a video posted by a netizen, the police was later shown trying to hand over a mask to the mother. There was no violence captured in the video but a sincere effort of the police officer to remind her to put on a mask.

Netizens are keen to provide their opinion of the scene mostly praising the patience of the police officers. In one of the comments, Valred Olsim wrote ‘Great job LTMPS. De-escalation is ideal over tension. Patience over aggressiveness. Humanity for any strategy. God bless!’

The police report mentioned that the violator was also provided with relief goods when she was brought back to her place of residence and later when the police revisited to check up on her. #

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