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Couples To Avoid Public Displays Of Affection Amid Easening Of Quarantine Measures

Photo: Unsplash/Logan Weaver
Photo: Unsplash/Logan Weaver

With the Philippine government’s identification of areas least at risk for contracting additional cases of coronavirus disease or COVID-19, citizens, particularly couples, are advised to continue observing social distancing.

A statement by Malacañang on May 12 indicated that only Metro Manila, Laguna, and Cebu City would be placed under modified enhanced community quarantine (modified ECQ) from May 16 until May 31. Other cities, municipalities, and regions, meanwhile, would be relaxing its lockdown measures either under general community quarantine (GCQ) for moderate-risk areas or modified general community quarantine (modified GCQ) for low-risk areas.

Under modified ECQ, citizens must still remain at home and are only allowed to go out for essential activities such as buying food, medicine, or for medical emergencies. Classes will remain suspended. People can go out to exercise, jog, or go cycling, but they have to wear masks and if with someone else must maintain a distance of at least two meters. Certain non-contact sports like badminton, tennis, and golf will be allowed, while fitness gyms must still remain closed. Public transportation will be limited and with strict restrictions on the numbers of passengers. Select manufacturing and processing plants may be allowed to resume operations but only at 50 percent capacity.

Under modified GCQ, people can more or less resume “normal” activities but they have to wear a mask and observe physical distancing at all times.

With the easing of restrictions under GCQ and modified GCQ, couples who wish to go out for whatever reason such as purchasing essential goods or exercising outdoors must practice physical distancing and avoid showing displays of affection while in public.

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