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Tiny farm in Nueva Vizcaya opens with a mission to feed everyone with the most delicious eggs

Nueva Vizcaya, PH – This is not your ordinary egg layer farm as the owner has made it his life’s mission to provide the freshest world-class eggs especially for the poor.

The poultry layer farm is located in Oyao, Dupax del Norte, Nueva Vizcaya which is almost an hour away from Bambang, Nueva Vizcaya, a commercial center of the province.

When this feature story got to our desk, we are very skeptical.

What story could come out from just a tiny farm?

At the [persuasion] of a friend, I set out on a journey. A mission impossible. Can I really find the best quality eggs at the mountains of Nueva Vizcaya?

Actually, what I found that day more than what I could digest in a lifetime.

What sets apart this farm from the rest that the author have seen can be summarized in 3 key points.

  1. Everything is spotless clean and natural [Good!]

The farm itself is nested in between the towering mountains of Oyao, Dupax del Norte, an upland barangay in the province of Nueva Vizcaya. This barangay has a rich fauna and flora that makes it both an adventure trek for visitors but a heaven for farmers who enjoy what nature endows. In fact, the farm is nearby the infamous Sea of Clouds in Binuangan, a barangay in the same municipality.

But here’s what puts this poultry a notch higher above the rest, the chickens enjoy the purest water they could get from the farm’s own 36 stages water filtration system. Cool right?

Binuangan’s Sea of Clouds/ Image courtesy of Nueva Vizcaya Tourism office.

2. Classical music is played for a ‘stress free’ environment [Amazing!]

If you think we are joking, we are not. There’s 24/7 music piped around the hen house from HD speakers. This actually increases the quality of eggs. Indeed, this farm to produce the best quality eggs in the world.

3. Lastly, this farm has a mission bigger than itself [Wow! This is when it got a bit emotional]

You might actually be wondering how this feature story landed to our editor’s top stories.

Well, truth be told, it’s not about the eggs nor the farm in itself that impressed me. In fact, this farm is not even big like those owned by the big corporations. But what I felt during the farm visit is nothing that my piece could do justice.

The farm is owned by a young millennial who braved the odds of starting a business during a pandemic. The farm by itself is a symbol of a new beginning. In fact, the farm owner have actually named the farm Goldmount which was coined from two words, gold and mount. In a metaphorical sense, gold symbolizes wealth while mount or a mountain may symbolize an obstacle.

Upon interviewing the farm owner who requested to be anonymous, he wants to turn obstacles and disappointments into God’s appointment. In his own way, eggs into gold.

But what has motivated him to do so? During the brief interview we had, the owner has recounted his experience growing up with not having enough, but only with a dream. His own story is a testimony that everything is possible. And that passion should be coupled with compassion. That’s why he has made it his mission in life that for all the business that he will put up, it will always be for the poor.

‘Success without significance is the loneliest journey one man could take.’ If you want to succeed, bring others with you.

For the young farm owner, this isn’t about eggs – it’s all about hope. Everyone can make a difference, one egg at a time.

Goldmount Farm fresh is located in Oyao, Dupax del Norte, Nueva Vizcaya with its own outlets located in Bambang and Bayombong Nueva Vizcaya. Here’s the Facebook book if you want to get to know more about this tiny farm with a big heart.

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