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Filipino romcom “Kita Kita” gets an Indonesian remake

  • Filipino blockbuster “Kita Kita” now has an Indonesian remake which will premiere in Indonesia on October 10.
  • The movie follows the original plot which revolves around Lea, a blind tour guide who eventually meets and forms a budding romance with Tonyo.
  • Instead of Sapporo, Japan, the setting in “Cinta Itu Buta” is in Busan, South Korea. 

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MANILA, Philippines—Filipino romantic comedy “Kita Kita”, one of the country’s blockbusters in 2017, now has an Indonesian remake.

“Cinta Itu Buta” (Love is Blind), directed by Rachmania Arunita, will premiere in Indonesia on October 10.

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The film revolves around the main character, Lea, and how she gets through with life as a tour guide in Sapporo, Japan despite her blindness, until she meets Tonyo. The two characters become friends and eventually form a budding romance.

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The setting of the Indonesian adaptation, however, is in Busan, South Korea.

Some of the familiar scenes in the movie include the characters dressed in heart costumes, padlocks, and sharing homemade food almost every day. The characters also look alike.

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The Filipino version of the movie stars Alessandra de Rossi who plays Lea, and Empoy Marquez as Tonyo.

The Indonesian actors, on the other hand, are Shandy Aulia and Dodit.

Kita Kita director Sigrid Bernardo shared a trailer of Cinta Itu Buta on her Instagram page. 

“Ugh.. got teary eyed on this. Congratulations team #KitaKita and #CintuItuButa(@cintaitubutaofficial)! Can’t wait to watch this Indonesian remake shot in Busan, Korea!” Bernardo said.

Meanwhile, Filipino fans have showed their support for the upcoming Indonesian movie.

“Guys, I just saw this today! Indonesian Remake of Kita Kita plus Korea as the setting…this is just amazing,” said Twitter user @soo_forlife.

“Much appreciation to Indonesian film producers who did a remake of Kita Kita,” said @kianalps.

“Omg Kita Kita Indonesian remake!! Wow! I’m dying because of that man’s laugh in the end. It’s so similar to Empoy’s,” said @saranggashi.

Watch the trailer here:

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