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Filipino surfer saves Indonesian competitor in SEA Games, loses the Gold but wins hearts

La Union, PH – Filipino netizens are sharing golden praises to one of its athletes competing in the SEA Games even though he missed a once in a lifetime chance to win a Gold medal for his country.

This is Roger Casugay, an athlete from La Union in the Philippines who gave up a sure Gold medal to save a fellow surfer, probably his biggest competitor. For Casugay, surfing through La Union’s Mona Liza point is all too familiar since he grew up conquering through those waves. It’s a home-court advantage. However, he sacrificed his own performance to rescue Indonesian longboard sensation Arip Nurhidayat who was swept away by the torrential waves when his leash broke at the middle of the game.

Roger Casugay, a hero of the day after saving the life a fellow athlete.

Roger Casugay may not have earned a Gold medal that day for his country. But Casugay has shown the Filipino heart to the world as other Asian countries have also expressed their admiration to his act.

As one post in Facebook page wrote ‘What makes SEA Games 2019 being held in the Philippines great is not the sparkle of greatness. It’s all about the heart behind it. The Filipino heart in times of danger, will not think twice of doing what is right.’

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