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History teacher transfers cash to a father who cried out for help in social media

Manila, PH – The online world is not always a reliable source of information let alone sending money to a stranger who is seeking for cash assistance via social media.

Yet if that’s the only way to survive, posting a SOS message as Facebook comment might be a chance worth trying. To complete the story, here comes a benefactor with a discerning mind and a trusting heart. A history professor at the University of Asia and the Pacific, Mr Alvin Campomanes together with his wife didn’t think twice when they glanced through an FB comment of a father begging for financial assistance. His household was not included in the Social Amelioration Program by the Philippines government. His children are starving.

Here’s the unedited post from Campones’ Facebook account. I hope it can inspire us in tough times to make a difference in our own grand or simple ways.

We saw a video of this old man, posted April 9, pleading from President Duterte, DILG Secretary Año, DSWD Secretary Bautista and Mayor Isko Moreno because they did not receive financial assistance.

He said that their neighbors who lived in bigger houses and owned small businesses received financial aid. But they who belong to the poorest of the poor did not receive any, not even the Php 1,000 aid from the Manila city government. They were not included in their barangay’s list of residents because they are just renting a small room. But they have been living in Barangay 18 in Tondo for ten years.

My wife, who grew up in Barangay 19, asked around to verify if this man’s family did not really receive financial aid. She then reached out to his son and instructed him to make a GCash account so we can send a small amount.

We did not tell them to thank us on Facebook. All that we asked is to make sure that they will buy food. In the photo that they posted, you can see that there are children in their household. Adults can endure hunger but we cannot tell our children and grandchildren to just do the same. A small act of kindness can make a big difference.

I am sure that you will find people who desperately need help in your own communities. We may not have much. But we can always share what we have to those who have less.

Alam namin ang pakiramdam ng walang-wala kaya pinilit naming mag-abot ng kahit magkanong nakayanan namin.

Not all philanthropic deeds are done by billionaires. Not all heroes wear capes. They could also be your teachers putting into action the life lessons they want to impart.

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