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Louis Vuittion sends flowers to Regine Velasquiez after she shared she was discriminated by them

  • French fashion house Louis Vuitton has reached out to Regine Velasquez
  • LV sent her flowers to the Asia’s Songbird “in response to her revalation about the shopping incident”
  • Megastar Sharon Cuneta also shared her experiences about being discriminated in a jewelry store in Hong Kong

French fashion house Louis Vuitton has reached out to Regine Velasquez after the Asia’s Songbird disclosed in her vlog published on October 1. 

The luxury retail company sent flowers to Velasquez “in response to her revelation about the shopping incident,” according to a report from “Tonight with Boy Abunda” that aired Monday, according to the singer’s management. 

It wasn’t specified, however, whether the gift From Louis Vuitton included a message of apology to Velasquez. 

Singer Regine Velasquez at TV show Tonight with Boy Abunda <I>Photo: ABS-CBN News</I>

via ABS-CBN News

Along with a fellow OPM icon Sharon Cuneta, Velasquez was a guest in the Oct 14 episode of Boy Abunda’s late night show, ahead of their joint concert dubbed “Iconic.”

The gesture from Louis Vuittion came at the heels of Velasquez recollection of the discriminatory behavior of a store representative against her. In her latest YouTube upload, the Asia’s Songbird gave her fans a peek into her massive walk-in closet.

She shared that while she was on a trip to New York when she decided to visit a branch store of a luxury line where she wanted a pair of shoes. 

“And when I got there, nakita ko na!” Regine recalled. “Nandoon sa display! Sa umpisa pa lang, sinabi sa akin, wala akong size. Sinabi ko, ‘Can I at least try them on?'”

[And when I got there, I saw it! It was on display! But from the very beginning, they told me I didn’t have a size. So I told them ‘Can I at least try them on?’]

But she felt bad when the store attendant said she couldn’t. Velasquez was very candid about sharing how she felt very discriminated and was saddened by the actions of the brand towards her. 

“Sa akin, okay, if you don’t want to entertain me, I’ll find somebody else [to accommodate me], at papakita ko talaga sa kaniya, bibilhan ko ‘yung tao na ‘yon. Iyon na lang ang comeback ko!” Velasquez added.

[To me, if you don’t want to entertain me, I’ll find somebody else [to accommodate me], and I will really show them that I can buy whatever they want. That’s my comeback!]

So when she spotted another designer shoe store right across LV, the diva went on a shopping fit. In the end, she bought 20 pairs of shoes from the rival brand. 

She also shared that she returned back to the first store with her 20 shopping bags, and only then was she allowed to go inside. 

“And that’s when they sold me the shoe,” Velasquez added.

“But it’s okay. I don’t think you should feel bad when you’re discriminated [against]; you should go back and kick some ass. Right?”

 Cuneta, who was seated beside Velasquez during the interview also shared her own experience of being discriminated against when she entered Cartier’s Hong Kong boutique. 

“[My outfit] was very simple, shirt lang and jeans. I said, ‘Excuse me.’ ‘I’m not finished yet!’ I was so angry, there was another sales rep who was very nice, and I ended up buying things I didn’t really need because I was so angry,” she said.

Velasquez agreed when Abunda saying that it’s “inhuman” when certain nationalities are preferred or prioritized less, saying that regardless of appearance, it’s not right to discriminate.

“Ako, galit ako ‘pag Pilipino, inaapi,” Cuneta said. [Me, I’m angry when a Filipino gets discriminated on.]

The music mogul also tackled the topic of buying luxury items, which had always been a trending topic of criticism online, particularly when celebrities show their collections to their fans.

“No one can fault you for buying something expensive, because you worked for it,” she said. -Cosmo/ABS CBN

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