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‘She passed away’ remark of MMDA spokesperson trends on Twitter anew

  • MMDA spokesperson Celine Pialago’s pageant blunder back in 2014 has not been erased in the minds of the netizens just yet.
  • The beauty queen-turned-MMDA official went viral for claiming that a fellow contestant “passed away” instead of “passing out” in the middle of the 2014 Miss Earth Philippines pageant.
  • Over 8,000 tweets referred to the famous gaffe anew on Monday night. 

MANILA, Philippines—It seems that the faux pas of Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) spokesperson Celine Pialago from over five years ago has not been erased in the social media archives just yet.

Photo from GMA News

The former beauty queen went viral on Monday over the Twitter airwaves with netizens retweeting and reposting her pageant blunder from 2014.

As of Monday evening, the phrase “she passed away” has garnered over 8,000 tweets, featuring snapshots of a younger Pialago talking to the media about her roommate who lost consciousness in the middle of the Miss Philippines Earth pageant due to hunger.

“She passed away because she’s really hungry. I kept on inviting her to eat breakfast but she doesn’t wanna eat,” Pialago said in an interview in 2014.

Pialago, who went by the name of Pircelyn Pialago at the time, intended to tell that her fellow candidate Leslie Ann Pine “passed out” during the bikini competition.

Fast forward to 2019, the viral gaffe of the beauty queen-tuned MMDA spokesperson resurfaced after netizens slammed her recent remarks on the nationwide transport strike against the government’s modernization program.

Pialago told CNN Philippines in an interview that the transport groups who held the protest were “not successful,” and that “the government will never allow them to be successful” in mounting protests as commuters who were stranded were minimized due to the free ride services offered by the government.

Photo from Celine Pialago

In the morning, transport groups such as Alliance of Concerned Transport Organizations (ACTO) and the Stop and Go coalition continued to oppose the government’s proposal to phase out jeepneys by 2020 and replace them with units with environment-friendly Euro Diesel engines.

Replacing an old jeepney would mean that a driver would have to shell out over P2 million for a new unit being imposed by the government.

Due to the nationwide strike, classes in most parts of Metro Manila and some provinces were canceled. -CNN

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