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Spider-Man actor Willem Defoe reveals he was in 1986 EDSA Revolution

  • Spider-Man actor Willem Dafoe, who played the famous Green Goblin, revealed in a magazine interview that he witnessed the EDSA People Power Revolution up close.
  • Willem said that this happened while he was filming a movie titled Platoon 33 years ago.
  • Willem described it as “an incredible feeling” having to witness a revolution that did not resort to violence.

MANILA, Philippines—Would you believe actor Willem Dafoe, our favorite Spider-Man villain, got to witness the 1986 EDSA People Power Revolution in the flesh?

Dafoe, whom we know as the Green Goblin, recently revealed in a magazine interview that he was part of that dramatic moment in Philippine history where a dictator was toppled by sheer force of numbers without resorting to bloodshed.

Willem told this to Vanity Fair earlier this week in a video break-down of his career’s most-memorable moments.

<I>Willem Dafoe as ‘Sgt. Elias’ in 1986’s ‘Platoon.’ Image: Orion Pictures</I>
Willem Dafoe as ‘Sgt. Elias’ in 1986’s ‘Platoon.’ Via Orion Pictures

The opportunity to join the bloodless revolution came up when Willem, now 64, was shooting the Oliver Stone movie Platoon 33 years ago.

 “I arrived in the Philippines and my plane was the last plane in because there was a revolution,” he said. 

Via Flickering Myth

He remembers being told by someone from the movie’s production to “sit tight, the movie’s canceled. There’s a revolution, we’ll get you out when we can.”

The movie eventually got back on track, but Willem said that for “about three or four days, me and a couple of other people that were there ahead of time, were out on the streets with the people.”

Via Digital Spy

“It was an incredible feeling because it was a revolution that happened for the most part without violence,” he said about the event that ended two decades of Ferdinand Marcos’ dictatorial rule.

More than half of the population now wasn’t alive yet when the revolution happened, and many of us who weren’t, such as this reporter, wish we could have.—Coconuts

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