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Star City deliberately set on fire—authorities

  • Authorities have maintained the possibility of arson at the Star City amusement park, as tenants and officers will be summoned for investigation.
  • The Pasay City Fire Marshal bared the presence of gasoline in one of the amusement park’s indoor rides during its partial investigation.
  •  The Star City management, however, said that the statements released by the authorities were “inappropriate,” as they have no reason for setting the place on fire on purpose with the Christmas season coming up.

MANILA, Philippines—The Star City amusement park may have been set on fire on purpose, the Pasay City Fire Marshal said over the weekend.

Fire Marshal Supt. Paul Pili said there is a strong possibility of arson in Star City after authorities traced the source to the presence of gasoline on one of the indoor rides.

Photo from Filipino Times

 “The gasoline shouldn’t be on the boat ride. If you’ve been to Star City and you’ve ridden it, the boat goes around in a circle, it goes in waves so it doesn’t have an engine so it shouldn’t have gasoline,” Pili said in English.

Pili added that they have scrapped the possibility of electrical problems as the cause since the park cuts off its power during closed hours.

Photo from GMA News

He added that they will summon officers from Star City to present financial documents to prove that the company did not instigate the fire to collect insurance.

 “If it’s arson, it’s either other people or even the owners. It could be the owners since they have control of the area,” Pili said, noting that they will investigate if the management incurred financial losses.

However, Star City officials called the bureau “irresponsible” for making such assumption and releasing it to the media without first consulting them.

“We are not aware of any motive, including financial gain, that would induce the commission on arson especially on the part of Star City as the business is profitable and a bumper Christmas Season was expected,” Star City management said in a statement sent to reporters.


“We feel that the statements made by the [Bureau of Fire Protection] were irresponsible given that the investigation has not yet been concluded,” said Rudolph Steve, vice president of legal affairs of the Elizalde Group of Companies. 

Star City raised the possibility of opening in time for the Christmas season, but noted that it would need clearance from the Bureau of Fire Protection to push through. -CNN

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