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While investigations are ongoing, friends and colleagues mourn Sulli’s death

Celebrities form the Korean showbiz industry mourned the death of 25-year-old singer and actress Sulli, who died on Monday, Oct. 14.

Amber Liu, a former f(x) member, announced on Twitter that she’ll be suspending some of her activities “due to recent events.”

Former Kara member Goo Hara took to Instagram to pay tribute to her friend. In it, she writes that she “hopes Jin Ri does what she wants to do.”

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Another former Kara member, Gyuri, wrote: “A beautiful and cheerful person. It’s difficult to express how I’m feeling in words. I hope the world will become a bit more tolerant to everyone.”

Actor Hong Suk Chun also posted a tribute on his Instagram, saying he wished he could have been there for his friend.

U-Kiss member Jun posted on Twitter: “You went through so much… I hope you will not be concerned about anything there and I hope you will be really happy, noona. Rest in peace now.”

Actress Ku Hye-sun posted on Instagram: “Sleep well, baby Sulli. I love you.”


The sudden passing of the Korean superstar has drawn many speculations over the cause of her death. It was previously hypothesized that Sulli might have took her own life, but in light of recent investigations it does not seem to be the case. 

According to reports by Mothership, a representative from Seongnam Fire Department says that Sulli died when the paramedics arrived at her apartment at around 3:30 PM in Seognam’s Shimgok-dong neighborhood. The paramedics noted that she was “showing signs of cardiac arrest and post-death paralysis.”

The paramedics were alerted of Sulli’s condition by her manager, who has not heard from her since their last phone call on Oct. 13 at 6PM. 

Reports also surfaced that there was a handwritten note that was found at the apartment. But upon further investigations, it was found that it was not a suicide note. According to JTBC’s News Room broadcast, police have confirmed that the note found is neither a suicide not nor a diary. They have also stated that they will not be revealing the contents of the note pad to the public. 

No specific cause of death has yet to be confirmed; however, police have also reported that there are currently no signs of an intruder having broken into her residence.

Investigations are still ongoing regarding this case.


Sulli’s managing agency, SM Entertainment has also released a statement regarding the passing of one of their stars, as well as urging people to refrain from fueling speculations about her death. 

Read the full statement, via Koreaboo:

“This is SM Entertainment.

We are sorry to tell everyone the sorrowful and sad news. Sulli has left us.

We cannot believe the situation, and we are simply in a state of grief.

Please refrain from spreading speculative articles or rumors in respect of the bereaved’s family who are saddened by the sudden tragedy. We express our deepest condolences to the deceased, who went on their final path.”

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Sulli, whose real name was Choi Jin-ri, was known for her outspoken nature and drive for women’s rights. These traits have led her to suffer from online bullying and harassment. Sulli was active on social media and recently hosted a TV series where celebrities discussed their experiences with online abuse.

Sulli debuted with f(x) alongside Amber Liu, Victoria, Luna and Krystal in 2009, achieving huge success with songs including Pinocchio (Danger) and Electric Shock.


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